Re-elect Nate Shannon for State Rep - District 25

Experience. Accountability.

Hello, my name is Nate Shannon and I am your State Representative for Michigan’s 25th District.

For the past two years, I have worked hard to ensure we have practical and effective government that can help our citizens in a number of ways. I’m especially committed to ensuring we have adequate funding for K-12 education, improving our roads and bridges, making sure healthcare is accessible and affordable, and safeguarding our environment.

In this time of change, experience is an advantage: COVID-19 is a new and important challenge to our community’s health and economic security – and I will be able to bring my knowledge of how things work in Lansing to this next term, so that we can keep driving to make our state a place that provides opportunities for all.

I hope you will support me in my re-election campaign, so that together, we can keep building a stronger Michigan that we can all be proud of.


Nate Shannon talking with a man and a woman
Nate Shannon talking to students

Nate teaching students



Structuring a safe economic recovery from COVID-19 will require experienced leadership. I will continue to work closely with the Governor and health experts to ensure that we can begin to reopen safely.
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Michiganders should never have to choose between putting food on the table or going to the doctor when they are sick. We need to protect and expand the ability to receive affordable health care services.
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A strong K-12 education program is key to developing the core skills our kids need to become productive members of society. As a former public school teacher, improving public education remains a key component of my plan.
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Michigan families need good roads and bridges to take our kids to school and to get to work safely without blowing a tire. We also need to ensure that our drinking water supplies are protected, and that waste treatment facilities stay up to date.
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