Nate Shannon

State Representative for
Michigan’s 58th District

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Nate Shannon

Nate is a former public school teacher, a husband, and a father who has raised three kids right here in Michigan. He’s served the district since 2019, working every day to make Michigan a better place to work, live, and play.

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To help our kids succeed in the 21st century economy, every student deserves a quality K-12 education.


As the cost of health care continues to rise, we must protect & expand affordable health care for all Michiganders.


Rebuilding our infrastructure will ensure good roads & bridges for Michigan families, while jumpstarting our economy.


As Michiganders, it’s our responsibility to protect the Great Lakes and our access to clean water.

Affordable college and job training

To build a highly skilled workforce, we must support training and apprenticeship programs and make college more affordable.

Strong families and good jobs

Families come first, and we must protect the things that make our families and communities stronger.


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